Want to Fat? It's secret!

A. balanced nutrition
The first thing to note is the selection of food. Choose foods that contain complex carbohydrates, like brown rice, vegetables and fruit. Avoid saturated fats such as cholesterol and fat. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables to get vitamins and minerals, as well as adding protein-rich foods, like milk, eggs, fish, chicken and others.

"Eat three meals a day, portions may be added. Snacking is also allowed but must remain healthy foods and stay away from fried foods and junk food completely," he said.

2. sport
Exercise is often avoided for those who want to be fat. Though a precise exercise can help increase muscle mass even becomes a natural way of appetite.

"Do it 3-4 times a week and the maximum should not exceed 30 minutes," he added.

3. Milk before bed
Milk helps add calories. Thus, a glass of warm milk before bed to be the easiest way to gain weight. In addition, drinking milk before bed also helps to calm your nervous system back. As a bonus, you will feel relaxed, so that it can stimulate sleepiness deep sleep.


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