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Recently there has been some research done that suggests maybe provigil may be effective for treating depression as well because, similar to antidepressants, it alters the chemicals in the brain As with any medication, it is important to learn about and understand the side effects before you begin taking it.

Provigil is offered to you in a tablet form and whether or not you take it with food, it is just as effective. If you are taking this medication to treat your narcolepsy, you may want to schedule your medication to be taken the first thing in the morning to fend off the narcolepsy early in the day. You should also keep your doses regular, so that if you take it in the morning one day, taking it in the morning the next day is a good idea.

Provigil can be habit forming so you will need to monitor your own interest in the drug, and be sure to take it only as prescribed by your personal physician.

As with any other drug, Provigil side effects exist. The drug may affect the central nervous system so it can impair your thinking and reaction time. Some are minor and will be overcome as you are treated with the drug, while others may be more serious and should be watched for.

One side effect of your Provigil is that it may make your birth control pills less effective so you will want to use some additional form of birth control while you are taking the drug and for at least a month afterward.

You should not drink alcohol while taking this medication, nor should you consume grapefruit or grapefruit juice while you are taking it.


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