6 Fad Diets to Avoid

There are so many diets available these days that attract people with rapid weight loss and celebrity lifestyle image. The fact is that almost all of these diets only really offer short-term solutions to weight loss and can be extremely unhealthy. Iv'e put together a list of 5 popular diets - along with reasons not to try them!

Detox Diet
Claims for the loss of a stone in 10 days, defeat cellulite, give glowing skin and no more swelling. This diet is designed to compliment other detox methods like massage, colonic irrigation, saunas, fast food, etc., such as fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, wheat, salt, sugar, etc., are forbidden, fruit and nuts , vegetables, beans, seeds, are allowed. This leads to a lack of nutrients, lowered immune system, a temporary loss of weight, mainly water. It can lead to yo-yo, nausea, vomiting and headache. It is said to cause desire, which eventually give up! It can also lead to eating disorders and there is no evidence that it works really well!

Low Carb / Atkins die
The purpose of the low-carb diets is that the body use fat as its main energy source. This can lead to so-called ketone bodies in parts of the body, which are not used as an energy source such as the brain and red blood cells fuel fat. This puts you in a state of ketosis - resulting in smelly breath and side effects like fatigue and nausea. These diets do not produce results in the short term that actually come from the loss of muscle tissue and water. You are not a long term solution to weight loss is unhealthy and, if supported.

Starvation diet
Hunger is one of the worst diets that you can try. I can lose a lot of weight initially, but this is drastic to your body! I will miss the food very much needed, and this contributes to fatigue, lack of sexual desire and hormones, sleep loss, can cause hypothermia, poor concentration and judgment, depression, anxiety, personality changes, social withdrawal, your metabolism to slow down dramatically, you will lose muscle tissue and organs, it can be shocking, to hear the coolest, and I feel very week. Low caloric intake actually slow the loss of weight.

Hollywood Diet
This is basically a 24 or 48 hours of fasting "juice" where you can eat any food during this period. This diet has the same disadvantages as the starvation diet. They are really only losing water in excess of the body with this diet and does'nt long, you soon put that weight back. It 's expensive to buy the juice at $ 25! You get no protein or iron in the body, and is under a lot of sugar and carbohydrates. It tastes good at first, but soon becomes very ill.

Cabbage Soup Diet
It is a diet plan 7 days presumably provides a quick solution for weight reduction. This is very short-term solution is not sustainable and therefore not a viable option in the long term weight loss. There are some benefits of this diet, which has a rapid weight loss, a healthy beneficial change through the consumption of junk foods and research shows that carbon, helping to prevent cancer. However, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of something clearly. The soup is rich in salt, is generally lacking a good diet - low in protein, calcium, essential fatty acids, rich in sodium and MSG, requires a lot of willpower as the soup has a delicate taste and is highly repetitive, offers gas, and! Above all, this is not a sustainable solution for long-term health weight loss. This diet is very likely to make weight because it has a very low calorie intake and you can puff!

I wish there really is no substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise, if you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle and more active.


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